Grief Support Gifts/Meal Services (Michigan)

There are countless Etsy shops and gifts on online retailers that may be appropriate and loving choices for your friend or family member. We have listed only a handful of the ones you may not know about. You can also find our Amazon list with suggested items and books here.

Meal Services

Take Them A Meal: Free and easy to use online tool to coordinate a meal train for a friend (or yourself).

Grief Support Gifts:

Molly Bears: Weighted teddy bears made specially to be the weight of the child you lost. The bears are free for grieving families (the organization runs on donations) aside from any shipping costs above items that weight more than 8 lbs or are being shipped internationally. “Molly Bears exists to create a positive and comforting impact for families enduring any form of infant loss.” The order form opens on the 30th of every month. They can create a Molly Bear for children up to one year of age at the time of passing; Molly Bears can weigh as little as one-half ounce or as much as 14 pounds. They are a 501(c)(3) NonProfit. Donate to Molly Bears to get bears into the empty arms of bereaved parents.

The Cooper Project: “The Cooper Project provides handmade necklaces to mothers who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. The Cooper Project is supporting the area hospitals in Rochester, NY. Moms who receive a Cooper Project card during their hospital stay are eligible to contact me immediately for a free necklace. Occasionally, I am able to donate necklaces to moms who are not local. When that happens, I announce the date several weeks in advance so everyone gets an equal opportunity to order one. The date is sent to my email subscribers, as well as posted on Facebook and Instagram.”  You can also purchase items from their Etsy shop where you can purchase hand stamped custom necklaces, keychains, and bracelets and occasionally t-shirts . You can donate to The Cooper Project here.

The Cooper Project leads a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness campaign each October called the Pink & Blue Awareness Project. “The Pink and Blue Awareness Project started in Rochester, NY in October 2017 by Jen Chappell, owner of The Cooper Project.  She began by making only a few bracelets asked her family and friends wear them during the month of October to honor her son, Cooper, and all of the other babies who sadly did not survive.  These few bracelets turned into over 400 bracelets.  As the word spread, more and more people wanted a bracelet and some even began to make and give away bracelets themselves…In 2020, the Pink and Blue Awareness project shipped out over 24,400 bracelets!  We honored over 230 babies and had over 250 volunteers.  Bracelets were sent to every single state across this US this year for the first year ever!  We also donated to 47 businesses and charities and 41 medical practices/hospitals. ” 

You can volunteer to support the project here or order bracelets for your family, event attendees, or medical staff here.

Baby Loss Healing Gifts by Earth Mama Organics: “Women who have suffered the loss of a baby are postpartum mothers too. The Healing Hearts line was created to help comfort the specific physical postpartum needs of baby loss, as well as the aching hearts of grieving mamas. Miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death leave women requiring emotional support too, and Earth Mama Organics provides that on their Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort site. There you will find resourcessupport suggestions, and a safe space to honor grief. “

Precious Milk Drops: Custom made breastmilk jewelry made of out of your breast milk. Jewelry can also be made with inclusions such as ashes, a lock of hair, or a piece of umbilical cord. Several types of jewelry are available for purchase.

Held Your Whole Life: Bereaved families may order a piece of jewelry or a keychain from Held Your Whole Life for only a flat $5 shipping fee. Request must be made by the parents. Gifts purchased by others can be done so at full price. “We exist to create personalized memorial jewelry for moms and dads who have lost a baby in the womb.” They are a 501(c)(3) NonProfit: 100% volunteer-based and mission-focused. Donate to Help Your Whole Life.

Laurel Box: “Thoughtfully curated gift boxes designed to nourish the heart after loss… Our laurelboxes stand apart from typical sympathy gifts. Many items are made by hand here at laurelbox, while others are sourced from small, independent artisans who have partnered with us to offer exclusive items that help provide comfort through every stage of grief.” They have curated and custom gift boxes specific for: miscarriage, bereaved mothers, infertility, spouse, family and friends, difficult season, holiday, self care, birthday, loss anniversary.

Meal Services:

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