Cremation & Funeral Services (Indiana)

After an in-hospital miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death, the parent(s) must make the decision regarding how they would like their child’s remains to be laid to rest.

In keeping with Indiana law, the options are:

-Hospital Disposition: Remains will be cremated and buried as a group at a graveyard of the hospital’s choosing at no cost to the family. There is often a service twice a year to commemorate these burials, and there is a grave marker at the burial site.

-Private Cremation: Remains are passed into the care of a funeral home of the family’s choosing and cremated. The family is responsible for all costs. Some funeral homes offer free or discounted infant cremations. The ashes are then picked up by the family once they are ready. The family must have a container (urn, special case/box provided by the family or the funeral home at a cost) to transport the ashes back home, and they will receive a certificate of ownership and identification of the ashes for legal purposes.

-Private Burial: Remains are passed into the care of the funeral home of the family’s choosing and prepared for burial. The family can then plan with the funeral planner to decide how they would choose their child’s funeral to proceed. The remains are buried in a casket at a grave site chosen and paid for by the family. Headstones are purchased by the family to have installed at the grave site.

Planning A Funeral or Memorial Service by Share: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Hospital Disposition:

Indiana University Health:

For pregnancies less than 20 weeks’ gestation, born without any signs of life, IU Health North Hospital offers a Hospital Disposition program.  Once a year, currently in the fall, they hold a service called the Burial of Ashes at Hamilton Memorial Park in Noblesville, IN.  Hospital chaplains conduct the service, with support from Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Centers, Carmel.  Do not hesitate to call with questions regarding the service.

IU Health North Chaplaincy Services: 317-688-2653 

IU Health North Bereavement Services: 317-688-2975

Franciscan Health, Indianapolis:

Memories to Hold, St. Francis Indianapolis’ Bereavement Program, hosts a thoughtful memorial service twice a year (spring and fall) for families who have chosen hospital disposition for babies born deceased at <20 weeks gestation. Caring Companions staff and hospital staff are on site for the burial of the ashes and the service to support families and individuals who attend. Families can choose to have a brick engraved with their child’s name added to the garden at the hospital to serve as a memorial space in addition to the internment location at the cemetery.

Franciscan Health Chaplaincy Services:
Carmel 317-705-4500
Indianapolis 317-528-5000
Mooresville 317-831-1160

Franciscan Health (Indianapolis and Mooresville) Bereavement Services:

(317) 528-5199 (Allison White, Bereavement Coordinator)

Riley Maternity Tower-Riley Children’s Hospital:

Patients can reach Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 317.944.7415 (Monday thru Frida, 8a-4:30p) or call the operator at 317.962.5500 during after-hours. Any member of their healthcare team can also arrange a visit at your request.

Community Health Network:

For babies born deceased at <20 weeks gestation, Community Health Network offers a graveside ceremony and burial of ashes for families wishing to come together to honor their baby’s memory during a communal burial.

Indianapolis Area
Services are held at Washington Park East Cemetery in April and October. Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers donates its services of cremation, holding of the ashes, the gravesite and services for the graveside ceremony. There is no charge to families for this service.

Community Hospital Anderson
For families who delivered at Community Hospital Anderson, this service is provided free of charge thru Loose Funeral Home in Anderson with the ashes placed in a Baby Block monument in The Gardens at Willowcrest Park.

Private Funeral

For Community North, East and South deliveries, a private funeral is available for babies born at >20 weeks gestation. The nursing staff can assist you and your family in selecting a funeral home for a private burial or cremation to honor and remember your baby. The cost to families for these arrangements may vary.

Community Hospital Anderson
Community Anderson patients have the option of private burial for losses less than 20 weeks, if preferred. We also offer assistance for funeral expenses thru the Benjie Fund if delivered at Community Hospital Anderson.

Private Cremation & Burial

Hospitals will share a list with patients of the funeral homes they have worked with in the past.

Financial Support is available through nonprofit organizations in Indiana listed on Amos’ Anchors here.

Other financial relief options are as follows:

-Hinsey Brown Funeral Home in New Castle offers free infant cremations