Become An Affiliate or Donate Here

Would you like to distribute Amos’ Anchors cards to your patients or clients through your hospital, organization, funeral home, or doctor’s office?

Email Kristen at to let her know how many cards you need and the name of your organization/business/service.

Kristen will mail or deliver 10-100 (depending on request/need) 4 x 6 color information cards to you for a $5 donation (covers shipping).

Donating to Amos’ Anchors

Amos’ Anchors is a non-profit and runs entirely on donations from generous people like you. If you or your place of work wishes to sponsor Amos’ Anchors to help offset the costs of creating, maintaining, and promoting the website, please contact Kristen Biehl at or I do accept Venmo donations. Thank you for your interest and support.