Financial Assistance Indiana

Love, Lucas

A non-profit organization that provides emotional, financial, and spiritual support to families suffering infant or pregnancy loss. Please call us at (317) 941-6792 immediately if you or someone you know has or will most likely be experiencing the loss of an infant or pregnancy or contact us via email. To donate to Love, Lucas click here. To join them on Facebook, click here.

Remembering Rowan

A non-profit organization that provides resources and financial support for medical and funeral/burial costs for families in the state of Indiana who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Application for assistance is located here. If you need immediate assistance, please call or text Delaney (260) 615-9149.  You can contact them here for further assistance/information. To donate to Remembering Rowan, click here. To join them on Facebook, click here, on Instagram, click here.

TEARS Foundation

Provides financial and emotional support services for grieving families after a loss. Fill out an application form online and someone from the foundation will reach out to you within 48 hours. They provide funeral cost coverage and a host of online support groups in various states, and there are TEARS Centers for Child Loss as well in Washington state and New Jersey.

For additional Financial Assistance resources please see our National/International Financial Assistance page, which includes more resources that are available across the US, not just in Indiana.