Amos’ Anchors Library


We have cultivated a list of books that we have found helpful on our grief journey as well as those that were recommended to us by others. Some books may really not be helpful to you; others may be your lifelines. We’ve included choices that may serve people on different paths within their grief. We know you will choose what is best for you.

If you find we do not list a book you found particularly helpful, please be sure to let us know to add it to our library at

Any titles purchased from this list at the link below will be sent to Amos’ Anchors and donated to one of the hospitals or care provider offices that distribute Amos’ Anchors care cards. The books will then be gifted to the bereaved individuals or families who have been cared for by their facility during a loss. We appreciate your generosity.

Should you wish to donate a book in memory of your child, please be sure to list that information in the order notes, and I will write the inscription on the inside of the book before donating it to a hospital.

The above titles and more can be found at the links provided above.