US Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Events



Bereaved Mother’s Day – First Sunday of May each year


Rainbow Baby Day August 22 each year

Opportunity to celebrate babies born living after a loss and acknowledging the completion of the difficult journey that is pregnancy after loss.


Baby Loss Awareness Week (2nd week of October each year)
International Wave of Light– October 15 each year (Lights of Love)
Niagara Falls NY Turns Pink & Blue for PAIL Awareness Month October 15th each year

Pink and Blue Awareness Project by The Cooper Project

The Cooper Project leads a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness campaign each October called the Pink & Blue Awareness Project. “The Pink and Blue Awareness Project started in Rochester, NY in October 2017 by Jen Chappell, owner of The Cooper Project.  She began by making only a few bracelets asked her family and friends wear them during the month of October to honor her son, Cooper, and all of the other babies who sadly did not survive.  These few bracelets turned into over 400 bracelets.  As the word spread, more and more people wanted a bracelet and some even began to make and give away bracelets themselves…In 2020, the Pink and Blue Awareness project shipped out over 24,400 bracelets!  We honored over 230 babies and had over 250 volunteers.  Bracelets were sent to every single state across this US this year for the first year ever!  We also donated to 47 businesses and charities and 41 medical practices/hospitals. ” 

You can volunteer to support the project here or order bracelets for your family, event attendees, or medical staff here.

Indiana Events

October 2022: A Walk To Remember by Franciscan Health Indianapolis (Beech Grove, IN)

Register for the event by September to make sure your baby/babies name(s) will appear in the program and be read at the event.

Purchase merchandise or a memorial sign for your yard or along the walk path here by September. (Links will be added as soon as they are available for 2022.)

December: Memories to Hold Christmas Memorial by Franciscan Health Indianapolis